TTC Timeline

All of 2014- Tried to conceive naturally

December 2014-  Consult with our RE where we learned our fertility diagnosis

January 2015- Our first medicated IUI (negative)

February 2015- 2nd IUI (negative)

March 2015- when going in for our 3rd IUI, our RE found that I had cysts that formed in my ovaries. We had to stop treatment for a month.

April 2015 – 3rd IUI (negative)

May 2015- We decided to take a month off of treatment to clear our heads emotionally, and to save up financially.

July 2015-  Failed IVF – two frozen embryos remaining

September 2015- Failed FET (frozen embryo transfer.)

November 2015- We won a FREE IVF from the BabySteps 5K!

March 2016 – Stim/retrieval ended up with 5 embryos, did PGS only 1 viable.

May 2016- 3rd failed FET

December 2016- Failed adoption after parenting for 5 days.

January 2017- our forever baby!!!!!


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