A Speech & The ER

A few weeks ago during National Infertility Awareness Week, I was invited to speak to current and past members of Sarah’s Laughter Christian Support for Infertility and Child Loss group at the annual brunch. I was so honored to be asked! But in an unexpected turn of events I ended up having to skip the brunch and take my Husband to the emergency room where he ended up having an emergency appendectomy. Thankfully, he recovered well and is back at 100%! Since I wasn’t able to attend the brunch I wanted to share the speech I wrote with you all:


I am so honored to have been asked to speak you all today. Because it’s without a doubt that I know I’m standing in a room with the strongest women in the world. Today is about celebrating you and your amazing strength.

Most of you all know that after a 3-year battle with infertility, my Husband and I adopted our sweet son this past January. Samuel has been the answer to countless tears and prayers. Like you, our journey was long and hard with 3 failed IUI’s, 3 failed IVF transfers, and a failed adoption after parenting a baby boy in our home for 5 days. The past few years almost broke us emotionally, financially, and spiritually. The failed adoption has been, by far, the worst devastating pain I have ever been through.

When I think back on our journey I am reminded of two different quotes. The first is a quote from the Pastor of our church in Nashville we attended. It is a quote that has resonated with me before our infertility journey even began. “God will take the worst moment of your life and transform it into the first line of your testimony.” I’m not sure I’ve ever heard something more true than that.


The second quote I am reminded of is one that says, “She looked back and marveled how far she had come. She didn’t wonder how she made it: she already knew the answer. Only with God’s help had she powered through. For without His strength she could do nothing”.



Up until the start of my infertility journey, I never really considered myself a strong person. I certainly never felt strong when getting another failed result from our treatments. Through our journey I’ve been on my knees crying out to God more times than I can count. I’ve laid in bed unable to sleep for nights on end, and I’ve begged God to not let me wake up the next morning, because I couldn’t bear another day of heartache. But it was in those moments that God placed specific people in my life to be my strength. Sometimes it was a text from a wise woman saying “Your story isn’t over yet, Lauren. Keep praising God through the pain.” And other times it was a friend, dropping brownies off at my door step, intentionally not knocking on the door because she knew my pain was too much to talk about at that moment. God’s faithfulness is the only reason why I am able to speak to you all today. He never gave up on me even when I was so ready to give up on my dream.

God has used all of my pain, all of my tears, all of my doubts, and all of my sadness and transformed my broken story of infertility to a beautiful story of His grace and redemption. Samuel is the reason for all of the many “No’s” we received, he was always meant to be our “yes”. Like the quote from Pastor Mike said, God took the worst moments of my life and made it into my testimony. And He will use yours too. So today I want to encourage you all to keep going, keep pushing through the pain. And keep praising God through the pain. Whether you’re struggling with infertility or something else. Your story isn’t over yet either. You are strong. But when you feel like you can’t be strong anymore, let God be strong for you. He has placed Sarah’s Laughter and all your infertility sisters in your life for a reason.

Since the brunch, I have been asked to speak during a break out session or two at the infertility workshop in September. You can find more info about that by following the Sarah’s Laughter Facebook page or by visiting http://www.sarahs-laughter.com .