It’s World Adoption Day and…

November is National Adoption Month and specifically, today, is World Adoption Day! Yay! Do you want to know why this special day has its own blog post (especially since it has been a minute since I’ve posted) ?!? Well, drum roll please……


The Best’s are ADOPTING!

We have both always had a heart for adoption. We just always assumed it would come later on in our lives. But we are overjoyed to be embarking on this path now! That’s why I’ve been so quiet on the blog lately. In late July we decided it was time to switch gears in our journey. Since then we’ve been chipping away at all the paperwork, clearances, and the home study. We finally finished everything a few weeks ago and now we basically  have a license to be parents! Haha!


We have picked an agency and are currently waiting to be matched with a Birth Mother. Today, on World Adoption Day, we have officially been waiting for two weeks. There isn’t a real timeline on how short or long we may have to wait. But the average wait for our agency is anywhere between 3-12 months. Yes, I know that’s a very vague average. But strangely enough, I feel very content. It’s almost a strange feeling because for so long I’ve constantly been trying to plan one move after the other. But for the last two weeks I’ve been at peace, and the good Lord gets all the glory for that!

Our agency is a national agency. Meaning we could be placed with a baby from anywhere in the US. It’s really an exciting time for us just imagining how everything will play out. We are prepared to wait as long as we have to, but knowing that phone call could literally come at any moment just makes me smile.

To bring awareness to World Adoption Day, there is a campaign to draw a smiley face on the palm of your hand. Humphrey is always thrilled (not) to take pictures, so he wanted to support the cause. One of my sweet friends, Nikita, actually sent me a picture of her smiley face this morning! I didn’t even tell her about the awareness campaign, she found out about it herself!



We would appreciate your continued prayers for us. There are a lot of unknowns and a lot of different emotions during adoption for everyone involved. We just pray that God uses us and our story how He sees fit! Until next time y’all….




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