I’m on a Podcast!

imageA few weeks ago I went over to the Sarah’s Laughter Infertility Support group office. Beth and her Husband, Jason, were starting a brand new podcast for Sarah’s Laughter. At one of our meetings Beth asked for volunteers to share their stories, and it was my turn to record! I wasn’t really nervous. Beth is so easy to talk to and I assumed Jason would be as well, and he was! They had emailed me some points they wanted to talk about so I could get my thoughts together. It was a really enjoyable experience and it’s so neat that women everywhere will be able to access it. I’ve been attending the support group meetings for almost a year now. It’s such an exciting time because there is so much growth happening. Since I’ve joined I have gotten to watch Sarah’s Laughter expand from Beth’s house to an office building, start an online support group for women who aren’t local, and start the podcast. God is definitely moving within the ministry and I’m so happy to be apart of it.


To listen to our podcast and the others click here.

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