IVF Take Two


As many of you know last November my Husband and I won a free IVF courtesy of the Baby Steps 5K and Dr. Dunaway. We recently hopped back on the IVF train and started our free cycle. (To read about our original IVF cycle click here).

This cycle is taking place in two parts per the recommendations of our RE. The first part,   stimming (or stimulation) & retrieval, finished up this past Friday. The 2nd part will be a frozen transfer to take place sometime in May.

In Feburary I began birth control pills, and started giving myself Lupron injections on my birthday. What a gift!  After about a week in the beginning of March, I added two new injections to the line up, Follistim and Menopur. The injections make your body produce more eggs than it normally would.  During my first IVF I was able to mix two stim injections together and only give myself one shot until close to the end when I added other. This cycle it was three nightly injections. After a couple nights of injections I starting going to monitoring appointments every other day, then every day when I was approaching retrieval. Between 11 nights of 3 injections and blood draws at every monitoring appointment, I was starting to feel like a pin cushion. I was so relieved when I finally got the go ahead to take my trigger shot (a shot that makes you ovulate) and get my retrieval date.

Last Friday John, my mom, and I showed up at my RE’s office bright and early at 7 am. We were immediately taken back so I could change into the fashionable surgery garb and get an IV placed.


Cute, right?! Since I have tiny baby veins in my hands the Anesthesiologist had trouble placing my IV (just like my last retrieval)! He accidentally busted the vein on the top of my hand, so he had to place the IV on the inside of my wrist. But he was really nice and funny so that made up for it. During the IV placement my super brave Husband was hiding behind a piece of paper basically shaking because there was a needle in the room. I couldn’t help but laugh at him while he was trying to shout encouraging words to me from behind the paper. The anesthesiologist politely recommended that when it comes time for us to have a baby and get an epidural, John should probably leave the room! It would be safer for everyone! Ha!

The retrieval went on without a hitch. Besides the fact that my right ovary decided to move behind my uterus, so they had to go through my uterus to get to it. Did y’all know that ovaries could move around? Me either. This caused a little more discomfort than last time but it wasn’t too bad. After they retrieved and counted my eggs, Dr. Dunaway came in to let me know we got 14 eggs.


Dr. Dunaway called me personally the next day to let me know out of our 14 eggs, 13 were mature, and 9 fertilized. I don’t think a Dr. has actually ever called me personally before. It was really nice. We received the final frozen embryo report  yesterday. We have 5 frozen embryos. Due to our past failed transfers it was recommended that we run a few extra tests, so we should get those results back soon.

Now we wait. And wait. And wait. My body will get a chance to rest until we gear back up for a FET sometime in May. We want to thank all of you who have reached out to us. Please continue to help us pray that we will be blessed with Baby Best soon.




2 thoughts on “IVF Take Two

  1. Pam Salas says:

    So proud of you and John- your courage and sharing it with those that love and pray for you… Lauren you are awesome! I miss you! John you are a wonderful man!!


  2. There Is A Chance says:

    Just wanted to let you know, I am thinking of you. You don’t know me, but your husband’s aunt shared your story with me – we work together. We are in the midst of FETs and surgeries as well. Sending you prayers for great news.


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