Better Together

Before John & I told anyone of our infertility diagnosis, I could count the other couples I knew struggling on one hand. Since joining an AMAZING support group (Sarah’s Laughter)  and starting my blog, I need to grow about two more hands to be able to count all my infertility warriors now.

1 in 8 couples deal with infertility often times it couples that you would never expect, couples you had no idea what size burden they are carrying. Infertility isn’t a medical condition that is often talked about. But did you know that researchers did a study and found that an infertility diagnosis has the same emotional impact on a patient as a cancer diagnosis?! But couples still feel the need to hide it, to act like everything is okay. Sweep it under the rug and put on a smiling face for the world to see.  That is exactly how I felt.


Fortunately,  when our paths seem long & dark, we don’t have to walk alone.


 I am thankful for a God who wants to hear my struggles, who wants me to pray and ask for help. He wants to share my burdens. And you know what else is pretty neat? He has given me the gift of some pretty amazing friends who want to pray and help as well. You see, I’m convinced we are better together. John and I don’t have to walk this season of life alone. He gave us friends to lean on and to help carry our burdens.

It is hard to open up, real hard. My mind keeps going back to a day when my Pastor and his wife took John & I out to lunch. We shared with them our infertility struggles. He asked us if we had considered opening up to our small group. My initial reaction was to say no and explain how emotional and personal our struggle is. I couldn’t let people know how much we were struggling, wouldn’t I just be complaining anyway? That day kept replaying in my head. Why couldn’t we open up about our infertility? Why did I feel the need to act like everything was perfect when I felt like I was constantly treading water just to survive?

Matthew 11:28 kept coming to mind. God was telling me to stop trying to fight this battle by myself. I couldn’t fix it, John couldn’t fix, but God can. And when I feel like I can’t pray anymore, God has given me brothers and sisters to lean on. By opening up about our infertility and by joining a support group ( that I L-O-V-E, LOVE LOVE LOVE!), it amazes me how much better I feel. There is SO much love and support around us. I can’t explain to you how strong the women are in my support group, they are the strongest women I know. In just one week of sharing my blog lots facebook friends have shared their struggles and pains too!

The road of infertility is long and hard. But it is much more tolerable with an amazing God, and with the friends he has placed in my life. You may not be struggling with infertility, but whatever your struggles are (a job, marriage, finances, other diseases), I encourage you to pray about it and to open up to someone. We aren’t meant to live this life alone. Thankfully, we don’t have to, because we are all better together.